Oh Canada - Toronto | Summer 2016

SUMMER 2016, you suprised me, you inspired me, you changed me.

This summer I have been traveling constantly - everything started with me graduating from high school and leaving the next morning - to visit the continent of North America for the first time in my life. The long distance flight from Europe to Canada went by so quickly for me, that when I arrived at my first stop, Toronto, it took me some time to realize that I am actually on a different continent.

But what a wonderful first stop it was! 

A little bit suprised by the really hot temperatures I still enjoyed every minute of this trip.
Of course I could not miss out on being fascinated by the breathtaking Niagara Falls!
The other days I spent in Toronto, enjoying the incredible view the CN-Tower offers, walking through Greek Town and Centre Island, seeing cute Yorkville (and having the best ice cream there), interesting Distillery district and Fort York. And oh, there are sweet squirrels everywhere. 

Everytime I think about the lovely memories and the amazing people I met in Canada I cannot avoid smiling. :-)


un voyage extraordinaire

A little throwback to last year: The journey that took place September 2015 was indeed extraordinary. I spent a few days for the first time in my life in a french host family and learned many new things about france and myself.

Places visited:

St. Malo
Le Mont St. Michel


bonne humeur :-)


une carafe d'eau (ordering tap water at restaurants)
où est...? ("where is...?")
courir pour attraper le bus (running to catch the bus, specially in St. Malo, where you can not be sure when the next bus will arrive)


Rouen: is a very lovely city, we didn't spend a lot of time there but enough time to be fascinated by the beautiful cathedral and to eat a delicious baguette.

St. Malo: is the town in which we stayed at host families. We were so lucky to have the best host family! The city is honestly wonderful and so is the beach. And I loved the weather there!!! (rainy and sunny and windy). I would love to go back to St. Malo soon, it was so beautiful! You can have nice walks by the beach, explore the old town and the tiny shops located there or have an amazing ice cream or crêpes,...

Cancale: a small place with excellent oysters so I had to try them for the first time - do I like them? I don't know, maybe yes, maybe no

Le Mont St. Michel: is incredible because of a fantastic view and a mystical vibe. Still there were too many people which made me feel quite uncomfortable.

Dinard: oh what a lovely market

Paris: we saw almost everything in two days, so we were at every place for 2 seconds but I still got a great first impression - eventhough Paris is different then I imagined it! When we arrived in Paris we went to see the Eiffeltower at midnight, that was a very special and magical moment! By the way: the underground/subway in Paris is pretty stressful - there are many people and you have to enter the train very quickly! What I loved about Paris is that where ever you look you see something interesting - whether it is a historical building, street art or a crêpe stand - Paris never fails to draw your attention to everything it has to offer.